written by: Melinda Guravich

DFW Job Market Remains Hot

New, expanding and relocating businesses added 98,900 new jobs in DFW last year, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. In an interview with Ian Siegel, CEO of ZipRecruiter, The Dallas Business Journal reported the momentum and facts behind the strong local market:

  • Corporate Relocations Dallas continues to attract corporations because of its low unemployment rate, high volume of jobs, high ratio of jobs per candidate and high number of available jobs to population. Dallas also has a substantially lower cost of living, ranking 24th out of the 26 most expensive cities for housing costs.
  • Hiring Growth According to ZipRecruiter's data, Dallas is on track for hiring growth this year, with 2016 job posting activity up 38 percent over the end of last year. In 2015, people moved here and filled 8,000 IT jobs, 6,800 sales jobs, 5,600 healthcare jobs, 5,100 manufacturing jobs and 5,000 construction jobs.
  • Diversification Healthcare, IT and finance should continue to be hot industries in DFW throughout 2016, based on strong demand for nurses, accounting jobs, and continued strong demand for a wide range of positions from truck drivers to IT workers. Abundant, high-paying job opportunities in a relatively affordable housing market attract candidates in other parts of the country.

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